The Pursuit of Excellence

Transforming Your Business into the Game Changer of your Industry

4:1 - Game Changers

These are the companies that push humanity forward, that redefine the status quo, that establish the new rules for others to follow. They represent the pinnacle of our time, the benchmark for their competitors and the aspiration for other endeavors.

20:4 - Elites

These are the companies that are known as the best of the best, the leaders in their industries, the changemakers within their verticals. They are ahead of the pack and are the visionaries who set the standards for their market.

80:20 - Masters

These are the companies with unique selling points, innovative business models and capable leadership to differentiate them, enabling them to stand out from the masses. They are the problem solvers, the default choice for their respective markets.

The Making of Excellence

Making Your Company Stand Out and Dominate

The ARETE Method

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The ARETE Team

Your Growth Partners

Andrew Ng

Lead Consultant
  • Obetech Pacific – Achieved fastest level of profitable growth in the company’s 20+ years
  • Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. – Top sales growth and top performer from 2006 to 2009, spearheaded Bangkok operations and ROI positive in less than a year, managed strategic account relationships with Nokia, Motorola, Microsoft, Standard Chartered Bank and more
  • Cognos Inc (now IBM Cognos) – Top Enterprise Planning sales performer for 2003 and 2004, partnering with strategic customers Singapore Airlines, Deutsche Bank, British American Tobacco, HP, AIA, Standard Chartered Bank and NOL/APL
  • ICTUS Corporation Australia – Achieved targets for 2001, 2002 and 2003 despite challenging market conditions following the dot come crash
  • Harvard University – Perfect GPA 4.0, recipient of Katie Y.F. Yang Award for Most Outstanding Academic Record, Dean’s List Academic Achievement Award, Certificate of Awesomeness and MacGyver Award in Emerging Markets

Rong Yao Chan

Lead Consultant
  • One of the only 25 Expert Level Certified Management Consultants in Singapore
  • At Ernst & Young, executed risk profile reduce exercises for a multi-million property developer, and boosted group-wide customer service by 30% in just 3 months for Fraser Centrepoint Malls
  • Developed and launched world’s first Luxury Customised Sneakers for YSneakers/Diamond Walker
  • Plan and strategize four additional revenue streams by expanding the product and service lines for one of Singapore’s leading dessert chains.
  • Development of Blue Ocean type of products and business models for a 30-year old trading business.
  • Created new product lines for an 80-year old local company.
  • Developed commercialization and go-to-market strategy for the region for one of Asia’s leading biotech firms.

Philip Whittaker

Lead Consultant
  • Successfully oversaw the restructuring and management of the sales, marketing and commercial management of Desaru Coast, Malaysia’s newest $1b leading integrated destination resort
  • Established, developed and managed diverse sales and marketing teams across multiple start-up divisions and operating businesses
  • Directed the successful decentralisation of shared services and a restructuring of sales, marketing and commercial across multiple business divisions to achieve cost efficiencies and greater commercial focus and effectiveness
  • Developed a comprehensive destination marketing business plan incorporating a unique self-funding business model for Malaysia’s first premium integrated destination resort
  • Successfully launched KidZania Kuala Lumpur, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town and The Els Club Desaru Coast – Ocean and Valley golf courses across Malaysia, Singapore and South East Asia meeting/exceeding financial targets
  • Built an extensive corporate network securing over $70 million in sponsorship and licensing revenues and successfully managing multi-million-dollar projects for leading brands across the Asia Pacific
  • Founded and ran a leading Australian marketing communications agency with a profitable exit

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